Slimming & Tea

Slimming & Tea

1 Box For Lose Weight Qingshen Xiaopang Wan Pills, Buy 5 Get 1 For Free!

1 Box Qingshen Xiaopang Wan Pills lose weight Promotion:Buy 5 get 1 for free! Ingredient:Bluish dogbane leaf, rhizoma alismatis, atractylodes (bran Fried), coix seed, glauber's salt, f, seaweed, rhubarb, angelica sinensis, rhizoma ligustici..

$59.20 Ex Tax: $59.20

Gift,Spring tea, Loose Green Tea from Lao Mountain,1 lb

One pound (454grams) Green tea from Lao Mountain where I live. It's one of the famous green tea in China,and the best spring tea of this year. We select from many tea, low price, best quality.Green tea has the effect of beautification, weight lo..

$42.50 Ex Tax: $42.50

Nonpareil Long Jing Dragon Well Green Tea 454g 1 lb,Promotion

Nonpareil Long Jing Dragon Well Green Tea 454g 1 lbPromotion:Buy 5 lb get 1 lb for free! Long Jing tea,this classic green tea, famous since the 8th century, is grown in the hills just west of Hangzhouin Zhejian..

$97.00 Ex Tax: $97.00

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