1 Box Anticancer Ping Xiao Capsules

1 Box Anticancer Ping Xiao Capsules

1 Box Anticancer Ping Xiao Capsules

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You are bidding on one packet of 100 capsules(0.23g per cap) Ping Xiao Capsules, made by Xian C.P. Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.


Radix Curcumae, Herba Agrimoniae, Faeces Trogopterori,Alumen, Niter, Resnia Toxicodendri,Fructus Aurantii, semen Strychni Pulveratum.

Action and Indications: 

This preparation has the function to promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, alleviating pain and dispersing accumulation of pathogen, clearing away heat and toxic materials, strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors. It has definite action for remitting and shrinking and restraining growth of the tumor, improving immunological ability of the body, prolongating patient's life.

Dosage and Administration: take 4-8 capsules each time, three times daily. 60 days is one treatment course.

Highlights of the product include:

Reasonable prescription according to the traditional Chinese medicine.

Clinically it has made a remarkable effect in anticancer for over 40 years.

It can produce an evident alleviation in clinical symptoms in association with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It has slight unwanted effect and a long time administration is allowed.

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