1 Gram for sexual function tea Nourishing,immune Wild Cordyceps sinensis

1 Gram for sexual function tea Nourishing,immune Wild Cordyceps sinensis

1 Gram for sexual function tea Nourishing,immune Wild Cordyceps sinensis

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Wild Cordyceps sinensis 1 Grams

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From China's Tibet come most of our best Cordyceps sinensis. Cordyceps sinensis is one of china most valuable tonic which is grow in Plateau of 4000 meters above sea level. The best quality is just for you.

Cordyceps sinensis is sweet in taste, warm in nature, and attributive to lung and kidney channels.

  Cordyceps sinensis is rich in various microelements, lukewarm in nature and sweet. It helps invigorate lung, liver and kidney functions, supplements essence, improves inspiration to relieve dyspnea, eliminates phlegm, and stops bleeding. Cordyceps sinensis is a good tonic, and an ideal remedy for treating a long-time cough and weakness, asthma, sputum with blood, aching knees and waist, as well as impotent or premature ejaculation.

  Cordyceps sinensis is a kind of famous medicinal fungi.Cordyceps has a high medicinal value, coupled with the scarcity of resources, since ancient times "twelve Cordyceps thirty-two gold" argument.The Cordyceps Sinensis is called as "soft gold",it have investments values functions.Due to resource scarcity, coupled with gradually increasing domestic and international market demand,therefore more expensive price of Cordyceps sinensis.

 [modern Clinical applications of  Cordyceps sinensis]

1.    Nourishing; For recovering from illness; Treatment of physical weakness, Insomnia and fatigue.

2.    Inhibit  (can cer) composition containing.

3.    Strengthen your body, Reducing spirit stress.

4.    Improve immunity,boost immunity,helps Strengthen Immune Response.

5.  Enhanced Sex Man and woman.

6.Have anti-aging effects.

7.For high blood lipid level.

8.Have the effect of reducing blood sugar.

[Usage and Dosage]1.Steep Cordyceps Sinensis in the water,liks drink tea.
2.Make Cordyceps Sinensis into powder to Usage.
3.5 - 10 grams of Cordyceps Sinensis stewed with chicken, duck or pork.

Several methods of cooking can be found via online.

 Note: The  photo picture only shows the cordyceps for reference,

               the actual quantity depend on how many you bought.

              2~3 pieces of Cordyceps sinensis in 1 gram.

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